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Based at a Grade II listed, converted Railway Station at Halton (just outside of Lancaster), LUBC can boast an impressive fleet. In addition to which the club owns 8 Ergos and an array of sculling and rowing blades.

Francis Russell (KIRS 8+)

HRH Princess Alexandria (Wintech 8+)

Sir Christian Bonnington (Sims 8+)

Tom McNerney (Aylings 8+)

Sir William Harpur (Janousek 8+)

Sir Harold Parkinson (Sims 4+)

Don Moore (Janousek 4+)

Ernest Bigland (Aylings 4+)

Hairy Foot (Aylings 4+)

Ironwal (Janousek/Stampfli 4/x-)

Aaron Scholer (Sims 4/x-)

Diatessaron (2x)

For further information about our fleet or equipment in general please contact our Equipment Officer, Tim Mitchell at