PhD, STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training (2015-2019)

• My PhD research was based around dependence in multivariate extremes.
• One aspect of this was to develop theoretically-motivated methods to assess the dependence structures of multivariate extremes. That is, to determine subsets of variables that can take their largest values simultaneously while the others are of smaller order. Knowledge of this structure can be used to aid model selection.
• My thesis also included an investigation into the extremal dependence properties of vine copulas, assessing their suitability for multivariate extreme value dependence modelling.

MMath, Durham University (2010-2014)

• My dissertation project was entitled 'A Statistical Look at the Origin of Hotspots'. In Earth Science, there are two opposing theories about where volcanic activity near the Earth's surface originates: the 'Plate Hypothesis' and the 'Plume Hypothesis'. The aim of the project was to investigate whether statistical evidence supports one of these over the other.
• A paper which is partly based on the work carried out during the project has been published, and is available here.